Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten.
My name's Gabby & I believe life is what you make of it.

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"Some people live like fire, running so fast they leave the flames behind. Without seeing what they catch, without thinking to look back. They flicker and flame without regretting what is bound to change and what unfortunately will remain the same. Some people live like fire, so they can run until their fire runs out. Destroying the route before the destination, without a thought of hesitation. But some people fight like water. Some people commit by slipping through the cracks and coming together when the paths meet again with what they themselves had lacked. They flow and fall, throwing themselves into it all. Taking to the world so deeply that one day they come together too fast and too hard. And then they crash. Off of the walls and into the ground. Drowning their world and drowning out the sound. Swelling the shores in unforgivable feats, often towards those fighting with heat. They suppress and implode, an ocean of emotion that suffocates with the weight of support they were lacking. Yes. Some people live quick like fire. But I fight like water and I crash like waves. Saving myself from a repeating pattern of a past filled with people that never seems to last. Reducing your heat to steam, just like the words you said but didn’t mean. I’ll swear you meant nothing to me. With these waves of my rage, I wipe my slate clean." GG

every guy I hook up with

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